BikeStation at Rosa Parks Circle?

Bikestation (by brownpau)
Washington DC's new BikeStation - / CC BY 2.0

A segment on NPR this morning (via Facebook) covered the new, nearly complete BikeStation outside of Washington, DC’s Union Station.

Implementation of the BikeStation concept varies, but they generally provide secure, sheltered bicycle parking for a modest membership fee.  They often have a mechanic on hand during certain hours to perform maintenance or repair.  You can have regularly scheduled tune-ups done while you’re at work!  Some also offer bicycle rentals, a restroom, and even shower facilities.

How awesome would it be to have a similar venue in the warming hut at Rosa Parks Circle?  In the summer the zamboni could be stored elsewhere and racking for bicycles could be installed in the garage.   In the winter, the need for bike parking would be reduced, the racks could be moved,  and the zamboni would get its home back, with parking remaining elsewhere in the building.

Grand Rapids Chalk Flood 2009 (by RichardD72)
Grand Rapids Chalk Flood 2009 (by Richard Deming, Jr)

I’m not aware of any efforts to make this a reality, but I think the need is there.  There is certainly a lack of visible bicycle parking downtown.  It’s around, but you often have to search it out.  At many events this summer, I saw lots of bicycles haphazardly locked to trees and parking meters.  With the efforts going on to network our existing trails and create more on-street facilities, bicycle commuting to downtown will only become easier.  The station could also handle traffic from events downtown, and rent out bicycles to tourists and conventioneers.