6/11/08 – PedalGR Cuesheet

I have GREAT news!  Kristin Tindall, Ecology Education Coordinator at Blandford Nature Center will be joining us for the ride on Wednesday.  When we arrive at Blandford, she’ll give us a short tour of their farm and garden and then will unlock the viewing tower at the wetland area, a very short walk from the road.  Thank you Kristin!

Also, riders will have the option of riding down the pedestrian tunnel under I-196.  You can then wait for us at John Ball Park, or if you’re really feeling energetic, climb back UP the hill and join us at the scenic Sunset Ave downtown skyline overlook.

Here is the cuesheet for Wednesday’s ride.  We got a full page this time to make sure that the turn-by-turn directions are more readable, in case someone accidentally is separated from the group.  At PedalGR we spare no expense. 🙂

6/11/08 - PedalGR Map

6/11/08 - PedalGR Cuesheet

Download PDF: 6/11/08 – PedalGR Map & Cuesheet PDF

Route Ideas

This is the interactive part of the PedalGR, where you tell me where you want the next rides to go.  Here are a few ideas I’ve been batting around in my head:

  • Riverside Park and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Tour de Hummus – this is my favorite but also the most work.  I would ideally like to line up 6-8 restaurants that serve hummus and are willing to serve up some samples to our riders.  We would ride from one place to another sampling the hummus and then there would be a vote at the end.
  • Heritage Hill – A ride focusing on the streets and houses of one of the largest continguous historic districts in the nation.
  • Downtown GR – This ride would stay close to home and focus on exploring the downtown and immediately surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Alleys of Grand Rapids – This ride would focus on touring the backalleys of Grand Rapids, exploring the more up-close and personal side of the houses and yards of the city.
  • School tour – This ride would focus on visiting as many schools as possible in a couple of sections of town.  With enough lead time, I could try to arrange for a tour of one or two facilities.
  • Ice Cream – Everyone loves ice cream.  This ride would visit a couple of my favorite places, and pass by a few more.
  • Garden Tour – Pick and choose a few spectacular gardens in different neighborhoods and visit them up close.
  • Photography Tour – Pick 3-4 ideal sites and spend 15-20 minutes at each doing a sort of mini-photowalk where the focus is taking pictures of the site.
  • Millenium Park and Orchard Tour – Ride Kent Trails to Millennium Park and then visit an orchard or two just to the NW.

So, I want your feedback.  Which ideas do you like?  Which don’t you like?  Would you be willing to help organize a particular ride?  What great neighborhood, site, or idea am I missing?  I’d love to see lots of comments following this entry.  Don’t disappoint the ride captain! 🙂

6/11/08 – PedalGR Ride!

PedalGR Ride, meeting at 6:30pm on Wednesday, 6/11/08 at Founder’s Brewing Company, 235 Grandville Ave SW

I was really happy with last week’s (5/28) increased turnout.  I’d like to continue to make this ride grow and get more people out on their bicycles enjoying the sites of our city.  So, send your friends to PedalGR.com or bring them along.  If you think this sounds like fun, but haven’t come out yet, this is the week!  Do it!  We’ll have full page maps and cuesheets this week, so they will be easier to read.

Here is the route:

View Larger Map

Need to Know:

  • This is a no-drop ride.  Nobody in the group will be left behind. 
  • Ride is 17 miles and should take approximately 2 hours.
  • Water and portable snack food are recommended.
  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED on Rapid Wheelmen Club rides.

A few highlights include:

  • Downtown YMCA
  • St. Adalbert’s Basilica
  • Richmond Park
  • Blandford Nature Center – possible stop at wetland tower overlook
  • Sunset Ave downtown overlook
  • John Ball Park
  • GR Ballet’s new Peter M. Wege Theater

Although we will not be stopping often to take photographs, cameras are highly encouraged to document our journey. Please contact me with any questions.

Remember, having fun and riding safely are the two most important goals!  Hope to see you there!

One additional note.  I am trying to arrange for a tour of St. Adalbert’s Basilica.  I don’t know exactly how feasible it is, as I have not had my communications returned yet.  I’ll try to keep the blog updated on the status of this tour before next Wednesday.

5/28/08 – PedalGR Cadence

FANTASTIC!  That’s what the weather was like when approximately 15 bicyclists left Founder’s for our tour of northeast Grand Rapids.  A huge blue sky above us and temps in the low 60s, perfect bicycling weather.

 When Amy and I arrived riding “the contraption,” at 6:10 there were a few people already waiting.  This was a good sign.  I’m going to try and remember names, but I probably will forget a few, so I apologize.  Keep coming and I’ll eventually catch on. 🙂  We had Linda, Tad, Kristina, Mark H., Kane, Ellie, Nate, Veronica, Chris, and a few others whose names have escaped me.  A good mix of Rapid Wheelmen members, WMMBA members, and others who just found the ride through word of mouth.

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5/28/08 – PedalGR Cuesheet

Here is the cuesheet for tomorrow’s ride. In the future I’ll try to get it up a sooner if you want to print it out yourself. PDF should be added tomorrow sometime.

Weather for tomorrow is currently looking to be sunny and 63 degrees! Perfect for riding and a big improvement on our cloudy and cool inaugural ride. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new riders.

5/28/08 PedalGR map

5/28/08 PedalGR cuesheet