7/23/08 – PedalGR Cuesheet

Peaches!  Straight from the tree.   That’s what Nate Versluis said would be part of the orchard tour on this week’s PedalGR ride.  AWESOME!

Just a reminder that maps are provided at the route start, and we will generally stick together as a group.  It will be pretty hard to get lost on much of this week’s route.

Also, dress comfortably for the ride.  If you have padded bicycle shorts, wear them, but if you don’t just wear some comfortable, loose shorts.  Most weeks, I don’t bother with my “spandex” for this ride.

Here is the map & cuesheet for Wednesday’s ride.

07/23/08 PedalGR Map

7/23/08 PedalGR cuesheets

Download PDF here: 7/23/08 PedalGR pdf

6/25/08 – PedalGR Cuesheet

Tonight’s riders will have the opportunity to impact Grand Rapids’ new Master Plan and the future of bicycling in the city. Do you want the city to become more bicycle friendly?  Do you want a focus put on connecting all the regional trails that connect the city to the suburbs and the lakeshore?  Do you want access to multi-use singletrack mountain biking trails?  Well come out and ride with us! 

At the end we will stop at the Green Grand Rapids community input meeting at DeVos Place and meet with a representative of the city to tell them we want Grand Rapids to be more bicycle friendly and give ideas on how to do it.

Here is the map & cuesheet for Wednesday’s ride.

6/25/08 PedalGR Map

6/25/08 PedalGR Cuesheet

Download PDF here: 6/25/08 PedalGR Map & Cuesheet PDF

6/11/08 – PedalGR Cuesheet

I have GREAT news!  Kristin Tindall, Ecology Education Coordinator at Blandford Nature Center will be joining us for the ride on Wednesday.  When we arrive at Blandford, she’ll give us a short tour of their farm and garden and then will unlock the viewing tower at the wetland area, a very short walk from the road.  Thank you Kristin!

Also, riders will have the option of riding down the pedestrian tunnel under I-196.  You can then wait for us at John Ball Park, or if you’re really feeling energetic, climb back UP the hill and join us at the scenic Sunset Ave downtown skyline overlook.

Here is the cuesheet for Wednesday’s ride.  We got a full page this time to make sure that the turn-by-turn directions are more readable, in case someone accidentally is separated from the group.  At PedalGR we spare no expense. 🙂

6/11/08 - PedalGR Map

6/11/08 - PedalGR Cuesheet

Download PDF: 6/11/08 – PedalGR Map & Cuesheet PDF

5/28/08 – PedalGR Cuesheet

Here is the cuesheet for tomorrow’s ride. In the future I’ll try to get it up a sooner if you want to print it out yourself. PDF should be added tomorrow sometime.

Weather for tomorrow is currently looking to be sunny and 63 degrees! Perfect for riding and a big improvement on our cloudy and cool inaugural ride. I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new riders.

5/28/08 PedalGR map

5/28/08 PedalGR cuesheet