Announcing the 2018 PedalGR Schedule

The schedule for 2018 will be pretty similar to the past few years, kicking off on the last Wednesday of April!

New this year, I’ve scheduled two moonlight rides in October and November, including one on Black Friday, which has a full moon in 2018. I’ll work out the details of these as we get closer. They’ll likely start around 8pm and we’ll ride around the trails at Millennium Park by moonlight.

Thanks for 10 great years of PedalGR from 2008-2017. We’re looking forward to the 2nd decade of PedalGR!


Moonlight Rides
-10/26/18-Friday Moonlight Ride
-11/23/18-Black Friday Full Moon Ride

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Author: Joshua Duggan

I love bicycling. I love Grand Rapids. Even though I'm not from here (I'm from Omaha, Nebraska), I've lived here over 10 years and Grand Rapids is my new home. I'm a commuter, endurance racer, mountain biker, bicycle tourist, tandem captain, fat biker, roadie, and gravel grinder who likes to ride his bike to an occasional brewery, taco stand, or ice cream shop.

5 thoughts on “Announcing the 2018 PedalGR Schedule”

  1. Where do you meet for these rides? I’m interested but don’t know anything more about where you meet or where you ride or how long etc.

  2. Do I just show up? I’ve never participated in the group before. I’d like to come to the April 25 ride and did sign up for emails.

    Thank You

  3. We meet at 6:30pm in front of Founders. Rides are 12-17 miles at a casual pace of 9-11mph average. More route details are usually posted the day before a ride.

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