6-21-17 – Blandford Ride and Tour

PedalGR ride begins at 6:30pm on Wednesday, 6/21/2017 at Founder’s Brewing Company, 235 Grandville Ave SW. PedalGR is a ride of the Rapid Wheelmen Bicycle Club, but membership is not required to participate.

We’ll head to Blandford Nature Center this week. Jason Meyer, Blandford’s Executive Director will meet us there to give us a tour of the new Mary Jane Dockeray Visitor’s Center. I’m super excited and a huge thanks to Jason for hosting us. Additionally, we’ll ride down Oakleigh to have a look at the newly purchased golf course that has doubled Blandford’s total acreage. If we have time, we’ll visit the Blandford Farm near the Wege Farm School.


Need to Know:

  • This is a no-drop ride. We will do our very best to keep the group together and make sure no-one gets separated or left behind.
  • Ride is ~15 miles and will have a tour of the new nature center building at Blandford. It should take ~2.5 hours (PedalGR is not a race).
  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED on Rapid Wheelmen Club rides. (The insurance company’s lawyers insist) Please email or comment if you need to borrow one and we will try to accommodate you.


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Author: Joshua Duggan

I love bicycling. I love Grand Rapids. Even though I'm not from here (I'm from Omaha, Nebraska), I've lived here over 10 years and Grand Rapids is my new home. I'm a commuter, endurance racer, mountain biker, bicycle tourist, tandem captain, fat biker, roadie, and gravel grinder who likes to ride his bike to an occasional brewery, taco stand, or ice cream shop.

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