5/24/17 – Tour de EGR

PedalGR ride begins at 6:30pm on Wednesday, 5/24/2017 at Founder’s Brewing Company, 235 Grandville Ave SW. PedalGR is a ride of the Rapid Wheelmen Bicycle Club, but membership is not required to participate.

This week, due to my lower back being out-of-order, I am leaving you in the capable hands of three PedalGR regulars, Tad, Mark, and Phil. Give them a round of applause for stepping up in my absence. They’ll be taking you to EGR, with a lap around Calvin College, and a stop at the EGR Library overlook on Reed’s Lake. Meanwhile, I’ve got my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow, and hope to be back with you for the 6/7 ride.

Need to Know:

  • This is a no-drop ride. We will do our very best to keep the group together and make sure no-one gets separated or left behind.
  • Ride is ~15 miles and will have a few regrouping stops along the way. It should take ~2 hours (PedalGR is not a race).
  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED on Rapid Wheelmen Club rides. (The insurance company’s lawyers insist) Please email or comment if you need to borrow one and we will try to accommodate you.