November Moonlight Ride

The 2nd PedalGR Moonlight Ride will leave Founder’s Brewing Company on Monday, November 2nd at 7pm.

The ride should last 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

We’ll follow Wealthy to Kent Trails.  Once we reach the Fred Meijer Millennium Trail, if there is enough light we’ll turn off the lights and continue by moonlight. It’s a pretty cool experience.  If not, we’ll continue on with lights.  We’ll return back to Founders after covering most of my favorite trail in Grand Rapids.

LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED! Extra lights may be available if you need them. Send me an email at joshuajduggan (@at@) if you need to borrow a set.

Don’t miss this awesome ride! Then enjoy a delicious beer afterward and still make it home by bedtime. 🙂

Rail trail mired in legal issues;; Go Bike! ride rescheduled

Plans for an abandoned rail corridor from Greenville to Lowell to be purchased and land banked for conversion into a future shared-use trail have been mired in some legal issues.  It seems that an enterprising lawyer from St. Louis has made it his specialty to sue organizations trying to convert former rail rights of way into shared-use rail trails.

You can read Barton Dieters’ in depth article on to get more information.

It’s an unfortunate case where a technical legal loophole on contracts that were written in the 1860s and 1870s may prevent new trails from being built.  I’m not a legal expert, nor have I done the necessary due diligence, so I don’t feel qualified to say who is in the right.  If this precedent is set, it’s hard to know what effect it will have on future trail development.

I just hope a sensible solution can be worked out and this sort of legal battle can be avoided in the future so that we can continue to expand our invaluable trail network.  It is one important part of encouraging bicycling for recreation and transportation purposes.  To use a bad cliché, these trails are often a “gateway drug” for bicycling. is fantastic reading

IMG_9482 (by fotoman311)
Senator Stabenow's office in Wash, DC. Todd Scott on the far left and John Lindenmayer (nice dreadlocks) of the League of Michigan Bicyclists

I’ve been a fan of Todd Scott’s Detroit area bicycling blog, since I discovered it well over a year ago.  He has always posted useful information on his advocacy efforts as Detroit Greenways Coordinator for the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance.  I got the chance to meet Todd at the National Bike Summit and his passion for his work is absolutely undeniable.

He’s been on a posting frenzy in October, including some great historical stuff.  Some examples are:

But my favorite is, Cycling Negatives Worth Memorizing, a series of tips from the Good Roads Magazine, June 1901.  Here are a few of my favorites, but you should go and read them all.

— Don’t pay any attention to the big gear the fellow next door rides. Get one to suit your own style and strength and stick to it.

— Don’t take any chances at street car crossings. It is much easier to go around a car than through it and besides it is far more comfortable.

— Don’t leave your wheel at home when you can use it. You save expense get the exercise and are sure of a seat.

— Don’t think that cycling is a fad. It isn’t. It is a healthy and pleasurable means of transportation to be used when necessity or inclination so dictates.

You can read a short bio of Mr. Scott at his guest blog on Metromode Detroit.

Go Green! Go Dutch! Go Bike! ride rescheduled for Oct. 23rd

A recent talk on Oct. 9th by Henk Aay, the Meijer Chair for Dutch Culture at Calvin College, about the role that bicycle as transportation plays in Dutch culture was to be followed by a ride from Calvin College to Rosa Parks Circle, where the group was to be met by Grand Rapids Mayor Heartwell.

The weather did not cooperate howevers, so the ride portion of the event was rescheduled for Friday, Oct. 23rd.  I’ll post more details on the exact time and location when I have them.

Harvest Moonlight Ride

So much going on in Grand Rapids!  It’s completely awesome, but I haven’t been keeping up on the blog.

Sunday night (tomorrow) is the first PedalGR Moonlight Ride.  We will meet at Founders Brewing Co at 8:30pm and leave at 8:45pm.  The ride should last 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

I’ll admit from the start that I’m not going to put a lot of effort into planning these rides, but they will still be a blast!!  We’ll follow Wealthy to Kent Trails.  Once we reach the Fred Meijer Millennium Trail, if the moon is out we’ll turn off the lights and continue by moonlight.  If not, we’ll continue on with lights.  We’ll return back to Founders after covering most of my favorite trail in Grand Rapids.


ArtPrize Top Ten Extravaganza

On Wednesday, October 7th, we’ll have a special ArtPrize PedalGR starting at 6:30pm at Founders.  The route will be short and sweet and we’ll try to hit all of the ArtPrize top ten.  We’ll also try to stop at the ArtPrize venue 28th Floor of the RiverHouse condos building around sunset/twilight at 7:30-7:40pm.  Bring your camera, it’s an unbelievable view from out on the deck.

If you haven’t registered yet for ArtPrize, it’s not too late.  Visit the voter registration site and pre-register.  Then you’ll be able to verify in person at the Old Federal Building and place your vote for the final winner by midnight on Wednesday.

Please bring a lock and your lights, as we will need both of them.  Daylight is disappearing quickly these days.  We’ll plan to return to Founders by 8:15-8:30 for some great beers, as usual!

Don’t miss this awesome ride!