That’s Weird, This Peach Tastes Like a Plum

Last Wednesday’s PedalGR ride kept a grin on my face the whole evening. We had a record crowd of over 70 bicyclists (too many to get an exact count) leave with us from Founder’s to tour the new Meijer Millennium Park Trail and Versluis Orchards.

The whole Versluis family, led by Nate and Shari, took us on a tour and we got to eat yellow plums, instead of peaches, right off the trees. Nate also shared some of the history of his family farm and told us about the special sweet corn they grow, nicknamed “Better than Sex” sweet corn.

IMG_6803 crop (by fotoman311)
Molly Versluis

I’ll let the photos do the talking. To view a larger version of a photo, click the photo and then click the “All Sizes” icon above the picture.

IMG_6577 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6597 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6600 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6611 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6626 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6638 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6651 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6661 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6701 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6712 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6763 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6767 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6776 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6783 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6791 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6794 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6803 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6810 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6830 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6831 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6855 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6872 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6877 (by fotoman311)

IMG_6909 (by fotoman311)

A big thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy a fantastic ride! You are all awesome!

Click here to see all of the photos from the ride.

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