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wzzm13-logo-2006On Wednesday morning I spent some time with Meredith TerHaar, a producer and features reporter at WZZM13. Ms. TerHaar is a great example of the 60% of people who are “Interested, but Concerned” in bicycling.  They want to ride more, but they are intimidated by getting out and sharing the road with cars.   She had some experience riding on country roads while training for a triathlon, but not much riding in a more urban setting.

We filmed for about 45 minutes to make one of her “Weekend Adventure” features. We spent time going over a lot of the need-to-know topics covered in the Smart Cycling – Street Skills 101 courses I’m teaching throughout the summer, including reasons to ride, helmet fit, ABC Quick Check, scanning, rock dodge, hand signals, the door zone and other topics.  I will be interested to see how all that gets edited down to a three minute feature clip.  Even after this short session, Ms. TerHaar seemed noticably more confident in her riding.

These kinds of skills are the same ones that I emphasize on my PedalGR rides.  The group rides allow people an opportunity to learn how to interact with traffic in a less intimidating way by riding at a relaxed pace with a group of cyclists of many different skill levels.

I’ll post a link when it’s up, but if you want to watch it live, it should air during the 7am hour tomorrow morning.  A big thanks to Meredith TerHaar for taking the time to help me get this important information out to the public.

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Author: Joshua Duggan

I love bicycling. I love Grand Rapids. Even though I'm not from here (I'm from Omaha, Nebraska), I've lived here over 10 years and Grand Rapids is my new home. I'm a commuter, endurance racer, mountain biker, bicycle tourist, tandem captain, fat biker, roadie, and gravel grinder who likes to ride his bike to an occasional brewery, taco stand, or ice cream shop.

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  1. Recent anti-cyclist sentiment has not helped people get started and learn the rules of the road. Fortunately there are still good groups (as it looks like yours is) to get people started. When I’m in GR visiting friends, I’ll have to check out some group rides!

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