7/23/08 – PedalGR Cuesheet

Peaches!  Straight from the tree.   That’s what Nate Versluis said would be part of the orchard tour on this week’s PedalGR ride.  AWESOME!

Just a reminder that maps are provided at the route start, and we will generally stick together as a group.  It will be pretty hard to get lost on much of this week’s route.

Also, dress comfortably for the ride.  If you have padded bicycle shorts, wear them, but if you don’t just wear some comfortable, loose shorts.  Most weeks, I don’t bother with my “spandex” for this ride.

Here is the map & cuesheet for Wednesday’s ride.

07/23/08 PedalGR Map

7/23/08 PedalGR cuesheets

Download PDF here: 7/23/08 PedalGR pdf