PedalGR on WGVU’s Morning Show (aka local bicycle linkfest!)

Tomorrow morning my interview with The Morning Show’s Shelley Irwin will air at 9:35am. I’m excited to be on the radio again, promoting PedalGR and other bicycle related happenings in the GR area. If you’re here because you heard me on the radio, I would love to have you join us on Wednesday. You’ll find this week’s super awesome route summary below (or click here for those too lazy to scroll). I guarantee a good time or your money back!

I also thought I’d provide some helpful links to some of the organizations and events mentioned on the air, in case you wanted to look into them further. Some of these can be found in the links I’ve provided on the right side of this blog. If you do look over there, you’ll also find links to all the local bicycle shops. Here are the interview related links in no particular order:

Other links to local cycling happenings not mentioned in the interview: